Welcome to our first entry in the blog / journal / notebook! My name is Samaya and I am the founder / director here at Porter & Gold. 
I chose the name Porter & Gold after attending the opening of a Katy Bauer’s art exhibition in Newlyn, Cornwall. Her work is amazing www.katybauer.work, and I was lucky enough to work with her on styling her Mousehole property this year. I know why they give out the free drinks at openings! 
I fell in love with a golden horse sculpture and bought it there and then. I love the name Porter as it is my mother’s family name, and had been toying with ‘Porter & Ling’ but the golden horse sealed it, as gold is not only a precious element, it is also my favourite word for describing life and people. 
My work in sustainable interiors 
I started Porter & Gold to formalise my work in sustainable interiors and focus on growing that side of the business. Up until recently all the interior work we undertook came under the banner of the vintage fashion business, Samaya Ling Vintage. One of the main reasons I work with vintage and antiques is that it is unique, extremely well crafted and a more beautiful way to create than using all new interior pieces. Of course I love newly made things too! and I support local and UK wide crafts people and makers by buying from them when I can. Using crafted, vintage and antique pieces instead of sourcing from huge mass production companies, means that we can do our work in an ethically sound way for our clients and the planet whilst keeping our unique aesthetic and feel. 
Thank you for stopping by! Get in touch to talk about your interior projects here: 
Love Porter & Gold 
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